TV A brief look at modern life through television.

SELF Worlds unfold within worlds following a personal logic; the fluid transformations seek to expound on the internal landscape of the psyche.

TRAIN This piece presents a surreal interpretation of Chicago's Green Line. The train is a singular place, however, it is also a daily convergence of thousands of lives with diverse histories, each distorting reality in their own way, and interacting and overlapping with other's experience of the place.

Valia O'Donnell, USA

O'Donnell is an artist and animator with a longstanding love of the wacky and weird. Her work explores the confluence of place, experience, and memory through a personal engagement with spaces familiar and foreign. O’Donnell recently graduated with Honors from the University of Chicago. She is an animator in motion, having moved abroad and traveled widely, showing work in Germany, Rome and Hong Kong.