Steven Haas, sculptor/artist, various kinetic sculptures throughout Björklunden

Steven Haas has been fascinated by the mobile since being assigned to produce one as senior in high school with Alexander Calder as the reference. He made mobiles casually for about fifteen years with a concept for a new approach percolating in his head. In the mid 80’s, tools were acquired to make other tools of his own design that allowed him to explore this idea. Naturally it took off in unexpected directions and what he calls the “integrated mobile” developed. The metal is cut, finished and balanced by his hand and not using high tech, industrial equipment as is often assumed.

What sets the integrated mobile apart is the use of cut forms of aluminum incorporating all elements of the lever in one object as opposed to what Steven calls shapes on shafts. This approach gives this style a different look that he believes to be unique and also allows for mobiles with representational as well as non representational imagery.