NIX AND GERBER, dir. Robert Hall & Nick Honig, USA (DOCUMENTARY)

2014 Guggenheim Fellow Lori Nix and partner Kathleen Gerber spent eight months constructing an elaborately detailed scale diorama of their own home studio in Park Slope, Booklyn, where they have lived and worked for over 15 years. As a film experience, "Nix + Gerber" blurs the line between reality and representation as we watch the artists recreate their entire home studio in miniature, carefully constructing everything around them, from dead houseplants to stacks of old CDs sitting on a shelf.


Robert Hall & Nick Honig, USA

The Drawing Room is a boutique production company founded by two guys who share a genuine love of moving images. We love to tell stories. Some of those are funny. Plus we make really good coffee.

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