Craft Cocktails Take Center Stage in Advance of the Door Kinetic Arts Festival
photo by Aleah Kidd

"The third year of the five-day Door Kinetic Arts Festival (DKAF) is slated to begin next Monday, but before festivities kick off, there was one important detail yet to be decided: what will the official cocktail be? Festival founders Alan Kopischke and Eric Simonson tasked New York Times cocktail writer Robert Simonson with the important duty. You might ask, why should a festival have an official cocktail? Robert would respond, “well, why not?” Touché, sir.

Thus, the DKAF Cocktail Competition was born. The Wickman House, an establishment credited with bringing the craft cocktail resurgence to Door County, hosted a selection of seven of Wisconsin’s finest craft cocktail bartenders in a competition sponsored by Death’s Door Spirits. The arts festival begins June 11 at Björklunden in Baileys Harbor and will feature an official cocktail presentation Wednesday, June 13 at 7 pm."