Artist Dave Riemer Talks About Kinetic Sculptures At Door Kinetic

Artist and sculptor Dave Riemer will be giving Door Kinetic Arts Festival attendees the chance to see his kinetic sculptures throughout the duration of the festival. He'll be displaying them with artist and gallery owner Angela Lensch - they collaborated on a piece - and they'll be giving a presentation about the sculptures. These moving, beautiful sculptures capture the power of wind and sun and are 'as relaxing as watching a lazy river.'

We spoke to Riemer about his display at 2017 Door Kinetic Film Festival and what art and movement mean to him.

Door Kinetic: What does the word "kinetic" mean to you as an artist, and how does sculpture inspire kineticism?

Dave Riemer: "Kinetic" to me simply means 'movement'.  Any movement. But to answer the second part of your first question, it doesn't feel to me that the sculpture inspires kineticism as much as kineticism inspires the sculpture.  Some of my favorite pieces mimic movement in nature.  The twisting of tornadoes, a school of fish swimming in a ball, the slow moving arms of a spiral galaxy or even the double helix in our DNA, these have all inspired sculpture designs.   One person commented on a sculpture that was turning very slowly, that it was like watching a lazy river.  That is the kind of peaceful, soothing movement that I strive for my sculptures to express.

Door Kinetic: Can you describe several of the sculptures we will see at Door Kinetic?

Dave Riemer: As it happens, both of these sculptures were inspired by an aquatic source. The "Featherworm" was inspired by the small creatures that live in coral reefs, and "Spheres" by the way fish swim in a 'ball' as a defensive behaviour.  

Featherworm by Dave Riemer and Angela Lensch

Door Kinetic: Tell me about the collaboration piece with Angela Lensch - how did it come together, and how is it different from work you've done separately?

Dave Riemer: The collaboration pieces came about by simply by seeing one of Angela's wonderful glass mosaic balls in her gallery's garden.  They cried to be elevated and spun around in the sunlight.  For my part, the copper part of the sculpture was designed specifically to be the motor and pedestal for the presentation of the mosaic ball.   

Don't miss Dave Riemer and Angela Lensch at the 2017 Door Kinetic Film Festival!